The 2020 season has ended, and we are sold out. Please check back in October 2021 for new stock. Matsutake have developed a reputation for being highly coveted. Pickers scour forests each year foraging for them, and matsutake patches are closely held secrets. So what's the big deal with matsutake? It is all about the aroma and flavor. As far as strange flavors go, the matsutake really takes the cake. In fact, it’s flavor is so strange that it is hard to even describe. It’s been said they’re cinnamon like, piney, woodsy, like rotten earth, or even fishy. (From the Forager Chef. Read more at Most chefs we have spoken to seem to agree that simple preparation is the optimal method to highlight the unique qualities of the matsutake.

Matsutake (dried)

  • The Forager Chef has some excellent suggestions here: Earthy Delight has an excellent roasted matsutake recipe here:

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