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COVID-19 slowed things down, but keep an eye out for 2022's public outings at White Mountain Mycological Society (join for free!) and Maine Mushroom Group on Facebook. We have led hundreds of public walks for folks in western Maine and New Hampshire. Whether a local resident, summer resident, or just vacationing in the area, you are most welcome to come learn about mushrooms!

All of our public walks are FREE with small donations accepted but 100% optional.

We also offer paid private outings for clubs, land trusts, families, or even just groups of friends. Mushroom walks inevitably cover many topics (identification, ecology, edibility, utility, ethnomycology, etc.) but can be tailored to your group's specific interests. Use the form below or e-mail us at to discuss a private outing.


Group size is limited to 15 people and there is a $100 minimum for private outings.

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