Principles of Foraging


Our "hunt" for mushrooms is predicated upon our knowledge of western Maine's diverse forests and mountains. As avid outdoorsmen with backgrounds in environmental management and mycology, our pursuit of wild harvested, edible mushrooms and forest farmed log cultivation is as much fun for us as it is an entrepreneurial venture.

We do our best to forage mushrooms responsibly. The longer a mushroom takes to thrive (for example, chaga), the more conservative we are in foraging large quantities of it. We respect all public land use laws and forage on private land only with permission.

Proudly Maine

Long before we formed White Mountain Mushrooms, we were committed to maintaining practices that contribute to the quality of environment on a long-term basis. Our business practices continue that philosophy.

We respect the lands available to us and do our best to leave them in at least as good condition as we found them. We volunteer for a local land trust to assist in maintaining and improving access to land for the enjoyment of all. We use minimalist, recycled packaging to the extent possible.

At White Mountain Mushrooms, we will continue to do our part and seek to educate others on the importance of long-term environmental sustainability practices.

White Mountain Mushrooms is a proud, Maine-based company. The pristine and uncontaminated  forests and mountains of western Maine are home to all of the mushroom products that we provide. We do not "import" products from anywhere. We don't use extracts or fillers. In fact, we forage or personally oversee the foraging of all of the products that we sell. When you order from White Mountain Mushrooms, you can rest assured that you will receive the tastes of "pure Maine."

In the little spare time that we have, those same forests and mountains, as well as the crystal clear lakes and ocean to the east, all represent a natural playground for us.

We are grateful that Maine's natural wonders provide us with both the means to earn a living and to live life fully.