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ALL White Mountain Mushrooms products are native, wild fungi of Maine. When you order from us, you receive 100% wild Maine mushrooms - no filler mushrooms, no imported or farmed mushrooms, no additives, no preservatives, no dyes, no gluten, no caffeine, no artificial flavors, etc.


A "wild-craft" warning:

A recent article examined the genetics of "wild-crafted" mushrooms sold by some online vendors, and over HALF of vendors were selling misidentified mushrooms! Some of the mushrooms they sold were new to science, some were in genera known to be highly toxic, and some were store bought mushrooms being passed off as forest exclusives.


That is extremely concerning. With a combined 25 years of experience in identifying even the most obscure mushrooms, we GUARANTEE that every product you receive is accurately identified and contains exactly what is advertised. In fact, we have a "Mushroom Identification" service at the top of the page - try to stump us.

Long before we formed White Mountain Mushrooms, we've been striving to minimize our footprint on the natural world. Our business practices continue with that philosophy.

We always do our best to forage mushrooms responsibly. For example, the longer a mushroom takes to form or mature (like chaga), the more conservative we are in foraging large quantities of it. Or when stumbling upon a spectacular fruiting of a sought-after mushroom, we leave fruit bodies to mature and sporulate, or perhaps, catch the interest of some new mycologists!


Fungi are the heart of the forest, and the forest is the heart of Maine. We do our best to tread lightly and collect in moderation as to not disturb the system too much.

White Mountain Mushrooms is a proud, Maine-based company. The beautiful landscape of western Maine is home to all of the mushroom products that we provide. Our love for mushrooms is predicated by our knowledge of Maine's diverse forests and mountains. As avid outdoorsmen with backgrounds in the scientific natural world, our pursuit of wild mushrooms is as much fulfilling and fun as it is an entrepreneurial venture.


We do not import products. We forage or personally oversee the foraging of all of the products that we sell. When you order from White Mountain Mushrooms, you can rest assured that you are receiving the taste of "pure Maine".

We are grateful that Maine's natural wonders provide us with both the means to earn a living and the means to live fully.

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