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Chaga Tea Bags

Chaga Tea Bags


20 chaga tea bags. Individually handcrafted with care. Not outsourced. Enjoy this 100% natural tea from the western Maine mountains. Each of our individually handcrafted chaga tea bags contains ~5 grams of chaga, which is THREE times MORE chaga than our competitors for the same number of tea bags and the same price. Compare, and then save at White Mountain Mushrooms. Buy the tea, not the packaging.


NEW! Our new environmentally friendly tea bags are made from unbleached corn fiber, which removes the paper pulp mill from the production process.

  • 100% natural, cotton drawstring to close.

  • 0% plastic content

  • Unbleached (chlorine & dioxin free)

  • 100% biodegradable

  • NO GMOs

  • Home compostable

  • 0% contribution to landfill


    Enjoy the health benefits of Maine chaga in a convenient tea bag. No messy chopping or grinding. No need to make large stovetop batches. Enjoy at home, at work, or on the road. Many customers simply drop a tea bag into their coffee basket when they brew their morning pot of coffee.


    White Mountain Mushrooms' chaga tea bags contain three times the chaga of virtually all competitors for about the same price. Most customers use one of our tea bags more than once. Steep this genuine, 100% wild harvested, gluten- and caffeine-free Maine chaga tea bag for 8-12 minutes (or to taste.) Complement your tea by adding lemon, honey or cinnamon.

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