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Chaga/Reishi Special Blend Tea Bags

Chaga/Reishi Special Blend Tea Bags


Try our new chaga/reishi specialty blend! Each tea bag contains BOTH chaga and reishi in the same blend in the same tea bag, saving you the time alternating or choosing which you'd like at any given time. Most of our customers use these tea bags more than once. Steep our gluten- and caffeine-free, 100% wild harvested Maine chaga/reishi tea bags for 8-12 minutes (or to taste.) If desired, complement your tea by adding lemon, honey or cinnamon. Each tea bag is individually handcrafted and generously filled with our high quality chaga and reishi. Each tea bag contains approximately THREE times more filling than our competitors for the same number of tea bags and for the same price. Buy the tea, not the packaging.


NEW! Our new environmentally friendly tea bags are made from unbleached corn fiber, which removes the paper pulp mill from the production process.

  • 100% natural, cotton drawstring to close.

  • 0% plastic content

  • Unbleached (chlorine & dioxin free)

  • 100% biodegradable

  • NO GMOs

  • Home compostable

  • 0% contribution to landfill

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