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Chaga/Reishi Tea Bags Sample Pack (10 of each)

Chaga/Reishi Tea Bags Sample Pack (10 of each)


NEW! Chaga & Reishi Sampler: 10 Chaga/10 Reishi Tea Bags

Can't decide? Want to see which suits you better? Each chaga tea bag contains ~5g vs. ~1.5g for most competitor tea bags. Each reishi tea bag contains ~2.5g vs. less than 1g for most competitors. In fact, most of our customers use these tea bags more than once. Steep our 100% wild harvested, gluten- and caffeine-free Maine chaga or reishi tea bags for 8-12 minutes (or to taste.) If desired, complement your tea by adding lemon, honey or cinnamon. Buy the tea, not the packaging.


NEW! Our new environmentally friendly tea bags are made from unbleached corn fiber, which removes the paper pulp mill from the production process.

  • 100% natural, cotton drawstring to close.

  • 0% plastic content

  • Unbleached (chlorine & dioxin free)

  • 100% biodegradable

  • NO GMOs

  • Home compostable

  • 0% contribution to landfill

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