Black trumpets have a smoky, earthy taste and a sweet aroma. They have a long shelf life. The dried mushrooms can be crushed and used as a spice, or reconstituted with hot water for use in dishes. The broth from the reconstituted mushrooms also makes an excellent soup addition. Black trumpets frequently find their way into risotto, omelets, fish, pasta, soup, stir fry and a variety of other gourmet and common recipes.


Re-hydrate a black trumpet like any other mushroom by covering with warm liquid or stock. Remove the mushrooms. Strain the liquid for debris. Add the mushrooms back to their liquid.


Buying suggestion: Because fresh mushrooms are typically 90% water weight, each 1 oz. of dried black trumpets will reconstitute to approximately 10 oz. of fresh mushrooms.


Our black trumpet mushrooms are 100% wild harvested in Maine and are gluten-free.

Black Trumpets (dried)

  • The Forager Chef is one of our favorites and has some excellent black trumpet recipes here:

  • Each ounce of dried mushrooms is about the equivalent of ten times its fresh version. This is because fresh mushrooms are typically 90% water weight. For example, one ounce of dried black trumpets are the equivalent of well more than a half pound of fresh black trumpets.


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