Property Assessment Services

Our significant knowledge and experience with the region's habitat combines with our specialized knowledge of fungi growth and regional rare plant species. We will survey your property, usually several times throughout the year, and provide you with:

  • A comprehensive understanding of what to expect from your land with regard to its potential for foraging edible, wild harvested mushrooms;

  • A comprehensive fungi species list as well as rare plant species that may exist on your property;

  • Optimal areas on your land to find species of interest.

Cost varies according to the scope of the project. Contact us at for additional information.

Group Forays and Walks

Public Walks (free)

We lead many public walks throughout the year in western Maine. Our free public walk schedule is available at our nonprofit White Mountain Mycological Society website (join for free). Whether you are a local resident, summer resident or vacationing in the area, you are most welcome!

Group outings & forays (fee-based)

We also offer private outings for clubs, land trusts, and families for a reasonable fee. Contact us to arrange a private outing. Walks generally cover many topics (edibility, identification, ecology, utility, etc.) and can be customized to your specific interests. Click "read more" above for additional information/contact form, or e-mail us at