About us

White Mountain Mushrooms was founded by long-time fungiphiles and brothers, Jimmie and Parker Veitch, in the summer of 2015. Both have extensively studied the microscopic and macroscopic identification of fungi, fungi’s role in ecology, and plant pathology. Combined, they have over 15 years of mushroom foraging and identification experience. They have led over 100 forays, including mushroom walks for the Greater Lovell Land Trust, Lakes Environmental Association, New Hampshire Mushroom Company, and Pickards Mountain Eco-institute. Before coming to Maine, they founded North Carolina Mushroom Group and Piedmont Mycological Society. Most recently they started White Mountain Mycological Society.

Co-founders and brothers, Jimmie Veitch and Parker Veitch.

Our mission

White Mountain Mushrooms was founded to inspire interest in mycology, eradicate mycophobia through knowledge, and supply affordable, high quality mushroom products.

Our guarantee

All of our mushrooms are sustainably harvested in the White Mountains region of New England. All products sold are identified with 100% accuracy.

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